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Exceed Your In-Kind Goals

Most Head Start programs dread the prospect of not meeting their non-federal share obligation and having to apply for an in-kind waiver, which may or may be approved. Kindly has enabled programs to exponentially increase the in-kind they collect using our proprietary system which links child outcomes and family engagement in a unique way.

Increase Child Outcomes

Go beyond just using reading logs and worksheet packets to track in-kind. We have developed a simple way to explain to parents how things they do every day "count" as in-kind. Not only does our system educate parents and staff, it provides suggestions on a variety of activities parents can do with their baby to increase their child's development.

Generate Accurate Reports

There's nothing like having hundreds of pieces of paper travel from the parents to your staff, then on to an administrator for processing, only to find that it is missing a signature and hasn't been completed correctly. Customize your rates in the system and we do the rest, including instantly generates reports for your fiscal team. No more manual calculations.

Go Paperless

With Kindly, the days of chasing down forms and manually processing reports are a thing of the past. Your agency will save trees and money from paper, ink, and the staff hours it takes to manually process paper forms. Your team will save time, which can be reallocated to other important initiatives. Automation increases efficiency by reducing errors and improving quality, speed and overall productivity.

Track Donations In Real Time

Generally, if tracking is on-time, agency staff receive a monthly update, often, just in time for monthly Board and/or policy council meetings. Often, staff are inundated with paper forms and reporting is months in the arrears. With Kindly, the wait for a status report is over. Live, real time updates, keep you and your team apprised of donations as they come in, for up to the minute tracking.

Meet OHS Regulations

Using the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) we have designed a user-friendly system that meets all of the Federal Regulations. No more unallowable transactions, no donation is captured without a signature and the system has been vetted to ensure that it is aligned with the Uniform Guidance statutes in the Code of Federal Regulations at 45 CFR Part 75.

The In-Kind Challenge

Over the years, technology has revolutionized many Head Start processes, but in-kind has remained a manual process - until now! Kindly provides a cutting edge solution to a 50 year old challenge. The in-kind match was established in 1965 when Head Start was launched by Congress. Its purpose was to demonstrate the community’s partnership by providing a 20 percent match in non-federal resources. For many programs this has been difficult to do. Kindly's easy online tracking equals higher engagement and greater efficiency.


Our Unique Solution

Kindly is much more than just another accounting software. This one-of-a-kind system, was created by Head Start professionals, who faced the challenges of low staff and family engagement, inaccurate, untimely reporting and the headache of manual processing. But they also saw an opportunity to help parents become even more active in their babies' development. Kindly creates a space where parents, staff and agency leaders can work together in a virtual hub, the Kindly Hub, to leverage federal resources to improve learning outcomes in a fast and easy way!

Incredible Numbers



Kindly has helped generate thousands of hours of in-kind



Kindly has helped generate tens of thousands of dollars of in-kind



Kindly has helped generate multiple donations of goods and services

The sky is the limit.

As you explain to families that things they are already going every day count as in-kind and benefit their baby, inspiring growth and development, the win-win is clear...and very exciting! The stories about development began to pour in. The level of parent engagement began to increase. And early learning outcomes for babies is front and center!


The most we had collected in in-kind was $236,000. After two months of using the system we collected $285K and end the year with a surplus. We didn't have to submit for an in-kind waiver for the first time in ten years.


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