Kindly is a no-brainer.

The ROI is off the charts! With a flat annual fee, which won't increase no matter how much in-kind you generate, you can increase in-kind, family engagement and outcomes for children.

Don’t take our word for it!

Ask Sunrise Children’s Foundation in Las Vegas, NV.

Case Study:

Let's start with the good news.

Sunrise Children’s Foundation is on track to quadruple in-kind in one year using the Kindly system!

The not-so-good news: prior to using Kindly, Sunrise Children’s Foundation, like many EHS and HS providers had a difficult time generating non-federal share. Year after year, they employed new strategies but always had to submit a waiver. In summer 2019, that all changed. They employed the 3 E’s, the Kindly top-secret formula for success (Educate + Ease + Explain = Engaged families, staff and volunteers) and exceeded the in-kind they usually generated in one year during their first two months.

They went from generating $236,000 annually to $285,000 in in-kind in their first 2 months of using the system. They simply began implementing the Kindly system in August 2019 and it looked like this:


educateEducate staff and families on what in-kind really is, why it’s important and why we need their help to reach the goal.

Sunrise decided to begin with staff and teachers at their annual Pre-service training.(We suggest you do too!) The Kindly team trained 200 teachers and staff on In-Kind (a training now available to you in our In-Kind Engagement Tool Kit). It explained what in-kind is, why we collect it and how we collect it using this new paperless system. Sounds simple but knowledge is power. And let's face it, trying to understand non-federal share can bean intimidating concept for our staff.


Make it easy for volunteers to submit in-kind and for staff to track progress.

Sunrise rolled out access to the Kindly online tracking system to its families at home visits, intake and parent orientation at the start of the school year for both home-based and center-based families. Staff trained volunteers on what counts as in-kind and how to log their time using the app from any phone or device.It was a quick and easy process.


Consistently explain how you’re progressing toward your agency goal with regular weekly and monthly updates.

Sunrise set up a little friendly competition both in their home visiting and center based programs. Bulletin boards and elaborate displays inspired competitions between between the parents of home visitors and center-based classrooms generating excitement amongst the families. From an agency level, competitions between classrooms and centers caused “every day in-kind (with the hashtag #itcounts) to quickly became a “household name” throughout the agency.

Weekly reports were circulated to Center Directors and Home Based Managers using our easy-to-understand dashboards and report templates, all available at the touch of a button.

  • Monthly reports went out company-wide celebrating success.
  • The highlight was announcing the leader board and recognizing centers who met 100% of their goal, called the 100% Club. By month 2 however, Sunrise had to create a 200% Club AND a 300% Club.
  • When they pulled the numbers, 3 centers had exceeded their monthly goal by 200% and 2 exceeded their monthly goal by 300%...yes 300%! The entire process is designed to make it easy to monitor and communicate outcomes and it works!


Educate + Ease + Explain = Engaged families, staff and volunteers

The entire agency is buzzing about in-kind. As they explain to families that things they are already going every day count as in-kind and benefit their baby, inspiring growth and development, the win-win is clear...and very exciting! The stories about development began to pour in. The level of parent engagement began to increase. And early learning outcomes for babies is front and center!

Are you wondering how much in-kind your families need to generate? Remove the in-kind mystery for families (and for you)!

Use our in-kind calculator to set an annual goal for your families: Figure out how many hours each family should contribute to help your agency reach its goal!