Agency Dashboard

  • ✔️Set up your agency profile with an unlimited number of sites, classrooms and staff
  • ✔️Create an annual goal for families using our in-kind calculator
  • ✔️Bulk upload students and easily update your rosters as children age out, or move between classrooms and centers

  • ✔️Assign domains based on the Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) for each child based on their individualized learning plans
  • ✔️Collect in-kind reports that are signed off on by Supervisors according to OHS regulation confirming that the time is accurate and allowable.
  • ✔️Data is aggregated and disaggregated at the touch of a button so agencies can track submissions by student/parent, classroom, Center, home-based group, parent educator/teacher.



Parent Portal Dashboard

  • ✔️Parents can easily log in and create a profile for each student
  • ✔️Parents can easily log in-kind hours for each child on their profile

  • ✔️Parents can track doctor visits, mileage, volunteer hours by ELOF domain based on their student’s individualized learning plan (which has been preset by the agency)
  • ✔️Parents can upload photos of the activities they do with their child to their wall which can be accessed by staff to post on bulletin boards and showcase family engagement



Live Data Tracking & Reporting

  • ✔️The Kindly dashboard gives agencies full oversight of numbers submitted by volunteers and approved by Supervisors at a glance
  • ✔️View beautifully designed, easy-to-understand charts and graphs depicting outcomes

  • ✔️View aggregated data or disaggregated data that can be broken down by student/parent, classroom, Center, home-based group, parent educator/teacher.
  • ✔️Select from popular templates like weekly reports, year-to-date, breakdown by classroom, breakdown by center, month-to-month comparisons, monthly and annual fiscal reports and more
  • ✔️Easily export data directly via email using Outlook or other popular email clients to keep staff abreast of progress weekly and monthly



In-Kind Engagement Toolkit

This is where the magic happens! Everything you need to launch your new in-kind initiative can be found in our handy tool kit. We have made all of our best practices tips and tools available to you, including:


  • ✔️Presentations for staff training
  • ✔️Presentations for volunteer training
  • ✔️A series of handouts for staff and families
  • ✔️Step-by-step implementation plans
  • ✔️Start-up timeline
  • ✔️Best practices tips, like how to form an in-kind committee for your agency, and more!



Don’t take our word for it. Learn how Kindly helped a Las Vegas-based agency totally revamp their in-kind system. They are now on track to quadruple their in-kind in just one program year!