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Kindly Provides A Comprehensive Solution. Easy as 1-2-3.


Agency Dashboard

Manage and monitor staff, families, students and in-kind donations in real time. Manage agency settings and administer all of your non-federal share components including volunteers, goods, services and leases in one place.


Parent Portal

Kindly is so user-friendly parents can access it directly from any device, no app download is required. Forms are pre-populated with their child's name, classroom, date. They simply select the activity type, enter the description, sign and submit.


Robust Reporting

Instantly access reports by student, family, location or the entire agency. View or download unique donations, individually or by the week, month or year. Fiscal staff can easily generate monthly and annual statements by filtered by grant, for agencies with multiple awards.

Agency Dashboard

Agency Profile

Set up your agency profile with an unlimited number of sites, classrooms and staff

Set Goals

Create an annual goal for families using our in-kind calculator

Bulk Upload

Bulk upload students and easily update your rosters as children age out, or move between classrooms and centers

Individualized Learning Plans

Assign domains based on the Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) for each child based on their individualized learning plans

Accurate & Allowable Submissions

Collect in-kind reports that are signed off on by Supervisors according to OHS regulation confirming that the time is accurate and allowable.

Up-To-The Minute Data Collection

Data is aggregated and disaggregated at the touch of a button so agencies can track submissions by student/parent, classroom, Center, home-based group, parent educator/teacher.


Parent Portal

Parents can easily log in and create a profile for each student

Parents can easily log in-kind hours for each child on their profile

Parents can track doctor visits, mileage, volunteer hours by ELOF domain based on their student’s individualized learning plan (which has been preset by the agency)

Parents can digitally sign off on each activity they do with their child from their phone, tablet or computer


Your License Includes All Available Feature, PLUS...

Unlimited records, unlimited users, no user fees and more...

Dedicated Kindly Concierge Services

A dedicated Trainer will be with you every step of the way.

Full feature dashboards and reporting

Gain total control over visibility and reporting with our state-of-the-art tools.

Our patented formula for success

Our patented formula is guaranteed to increase engagement.

No cap on how much money you can raise

Generate as much in-kind as you can.

Priority technical assistance

Incredibly responsive tech support is available when you need help.

Unlimited number of records

Centralize everything with loads of storage.

Unlimited storage

Never worry about running out of space in the cloud.

Unlimited staff users

Staff at all levels can create a login. No per person charges.

Unlimited volunteers

Invite anyone and everyone. No per seat charges.

The Kindly dashboard gives agencies full oversight of numbers submitted by volunteers and approved by Supervisors, in real time, at a glance.

Live Data Tracking & Reporting

The Kindly dashboard gives agencies full oversight of numbers submitted by volunteers and approved by Supervisors at a glance

View beautifully designed, easy-to-understand charts and graphs depicting outcomes

View aggregated data or disaggregated data that can be broken down by student/parent, classroom, Center, home-based group, parent educator/teacher.

Select from popular templates like weekly reports, year-to-date, breakdown by classroom, breakdown by center, month-to-month comparisons, monthly and annual fiscal reports and more

Easily export data to keep staff abreast of progress weekly and monthly

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