How It Works

Remove the in-kind mystery for families (and for you) and remove the stress of collecting and manually inputting in-kind volunteer hours by Center. With Kindly, in-kind is now a paperless process that you can track and monitor globally in one place!


Top Features

  • An easy-to-use parent portal where families can submit in-kind online, from any computer or device

  • Agency dashboards to track progress with reports for administrators, center directors, key staff and teachers

  • Robust reporting features with templates for weekly, monthly and annual reports

  • A proven system designed around child development and customized for each child’s individualized learning plan

  • Tools for family engagement and in-kind education

  • A hub to connect with families, push notifications and communicate about child development goals and outcomes.

  • An in-kind calculator to help you set an agency goal that each family can be a part of


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FINALLY, in-kind management software combined with child development and family engagement ONE POWERFUL system! Here’s how we do it…


The Three E’s 

Are you ready to learn our top-secret formula for success!


Here you go...

Educate + Ease + Explain = Engaged families, staff and volunteers



Educate staff and families on what in-kind really is, why it’s important and why we need their help to reach the goal. (We have a ton of resources to help you do this in our handy In-Kind Engagement Tool Kit.)



Make it easy for volunteers to submit in-kind and for staff to track progress. (Our app is accessible online or from any phone or device 24/7 and takes only minutes to submit. It doesn’t get any easier than this!)



Constantly explain how you’re progressing toward your agency goal with regular weekly and monthly updates. (Our easy-to-understand dashboards and report templates, all available at the touch of a button, make it easy to monitor and communicate outcomes.)



Our formula keeps all of your stakeholders engaged and invested in the process. Establish guidelines, track goals, and celebrate your successes and build community with a system that makes it fun and easy!




Don't take our word for it. Learn how Kindly helped Sunrise Children's Foundation generate more in-kind in two months than it had in an entire year. Click here