About Kindly

Jasmine TaylorStarted by Jasmine Taylor in August 2019, the Kindly In-Kind App provides a way for head start agencies to track their in-kind hours in order to comply with federal reporting requirements.

The Asst. Executive Director of an agency with nearly 500 Early Head Start slots, Jasmine was all too familiar with the challenges of getting her team, families, and partners aligned with in-kind.

After attending a T&TA workshop and an in-kind bootcamp at WIPFLI, it clicked!

"I realized we needed to make it easy for volunteers to give and staff to track. But we also needed to get them excited about the impact they could all make!" 

And Kindly was born. The pilot system was developed in July of 2019 and was beta tested by Sunrise Children's Foundation in Las Vegas, NV. It is being rolled out in Region 9 in the spring of 2020, with access to additional users beginning early 2021.

Learn about how Kindly helped Sunrise generate more in-kind in two months than it had in a year since their program began 10 years ago.

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"We are excited to innovate a tool to increase family engagement and school readiness outcomes in an efficient and effective way for families and agencies nationwide."